Listen, there's a story of a young man, in a Southern state.  We had known him since he was 13-14yrs old.  He was a good sized kid then, 6-1, maybe 240lbs. Playing Middle School football. I didn't see him for several years, and one day I was scouting a HS practice for an D1 school, and noticed a mountain of man standing on the sideline.  I put my camera down and was making some notes when all of a sudden I heard a "What's up Coach?" .  There he was, all grown up.  Full grown in fact, 6-3 320lbs.

I said, "Hey bud, Are you in shape? "

"Yes sir, I run 3 miles a day."

"Do you want to play football? "

His answer, "ANYWHERE!"

I replied, "How about a junior college in Misssissippi?" 

 2 weeks later he was in a school in MS, playing football and going to class.  2nd Team All Conference the first year at Left Guard; 2nd Team All American (JC) 2nd year.  Had offers from 5 D1 schools.  Chose a Conference USA school.  Played two years there and graduated in Computer Science. He bought a house, is now married with two beautiful kids and a reat job.    

" The only place in the world where Success come before Work is in the Dictionary. "  

Vince Lombardi

Football Combine Preparation and Recruiting

Where can you go for training, coaching, AND recruiting expertise?  JCFN, that's where. 

You will be coached by and interact with a well known football coach, players, and trainers when you come to our camps.  We have seen young men, who signed D1 Football Scholarships fall through the cracks of the circus that is Football Recruiting.  Whether it's your grades or broken communication lines, get in touch with JCFN in order to get your recruiting back on track.

Our Staff will strive to place you with the Junior College that fits your talents and skills and put you in the best possible situation so that you can succeed in the classroom and on the field, all in the hopes of landing that College Scholarship.  Our Staff will work the schools that are in your Top 5.  We have relationships with coaches all over the country.

How Bad Do you Want It?


Tell me WHY you want to be great at what you do.

Unsuspected Success: A True Story

We've sent numerous young men to new states and new places where they did n't know a single person in that city, town, or college.  It takes a specially dedicated individual to make it, to not get involved with drugs, fights, or become a parent while in Junior College. Take care of his grades and excel on the football field.  It takes a SURVIVOR/WARRIOR mentality, focused on a goal, unwavering dedication and maturity.  Are you that kind of dude; who will NOT BE DENIED?  

If so, we need to talk.